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An optimal system water temperature should fall between 38°F and 60°F (4°C - 15°C) and may vary depending upon individual species’ needs.

At 38° F lobsters are markedly less active but will last longer under stressful conditions due to a slower metabolic rate. While stressful conditions will be minimized through better monitoring, a low temperature is preferable. Waste production will decrease as the temperature decreases and lower temperatures reduce the toxicity of ammonia.

Fin-fish in aquaculture operations require much higher temperatures than lobsters in storage. Still, water temperatures which are too high may result in inadequate oxygen or wasted feed.

Although lobster and fin-fish can adapt to a wide range of temperatures, exposure to sudden extreme changes should be avoided. There is evidence suggesting that holding the temperature constant reduces mortality.

The critical control points at which alarming occurs is adjustable by the operator.
While not directly impacting water quality, outside air temperature can have a significant impact on how the other parameters change over time. Knowledge of outside temperature conditions leading up to an abnormal event alert may help provide an explanation of the cause.
The temperature of water being added to the system is important information for the system manager because it indicates how much demand there will be for refrigeration. Achieving an optimum balance between the addition of new water to dilute contaminates (such as ammonia) and the cost of the additional refrigeration required to cool the incoming water has a large impact on operating costs.

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