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What is it?

A method of grading lobsters using colour to indicate the destination crate.

When a lobster is placed on or removed from a digital scale, a colour appears on a screen to indicate which destination crate to place the lobster in. Each crate is assigned a color corresponding to the weight range for the crate. All lobsters that show green go in the green crate. Those that show blue go in the blue crate. And so on ...

Why use it?

Grading by colour is easier and more accurate than grading by digital weight alone. Detecting color only involves the eyes while converting a digital weight to a particular destination crate engages the whole brain. Thus color grading is less tiring for experienced operators and it is easier for an untrained operator to grade lobsters using colour.

Changing weight grades is simplified. The result is more accurate grading, reduced costs and happier employees.

What else?

The Visual Sorter software may be fitted to existing scales and makes reverse grading with an existing scale possible, if the scale has a printer outlet. !

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